Blue Collar Backbone Scholarship

We started this company because we wanted to bring light to all you hard working men and women, but after a short amount of time we realized that bringing light to you isn’t enough. We want to give back to you all, and specifically those future Blue Collar Men and Women. We decided that we want to start a scholarship, a scholarship specifically for those who are going to a trade school or entering the workforce right out of high school. We want them to utilize the scholarship for assistance on tuition, FR clothing, tools, or training cost. At Blue Collar Backbone we do encourage each and every student to further their education, but we also realize that not everyone is cut out for that route. The Boys and Girls who choose to go to work, or to the trade schools need just as much help getting on their feet as those who are headed to college.

Each year, we will choose 4 seniors from Converse County to receive the scholarship.

To qualify for the scholarship you MUST be:

-A Converse County SENIOR graduating the current school year

-Entering a trade school or heading directly into the workforce

A trade job generally refers to any job whose duties require advanced training and skills gained through means other than a bachelor's degree. ie: construction, mechanics, plumbers, welders, armed forces, cosmetology, etc.

To apply for our scholarship get in touch with your school guidance counselor and fill out the application form, or fill out the attached form and send it via email to

We look forward to hearing from you, and getting a chance to play a role in helping you to better our great country. 

Thank you all for your continued support! 🇺🇸🇺🇸